Don D. Rutherford began our company in 1949 using the basement of his home as an office and his garage as his workshop and warehouse. In the beginning, the company was a one man operation that included a ten year old car, a rented trailer, and $40.00 in working capital.

Don D. Rutherford

Although he started doing new construction, Don quickly recognized the need for a company specializing in insurance repair, an idea that, at the time, was completely unique. Don moved his operation to our current location on West Second Street in 1956. Soon the company began a slow, but steady growth. The company was incorporated as Don D. Rutherford, Inc. in the mid 1950's.

In 1974, Don's two sons, Don and Dan, joined the firm as employees, learning the business from the bottom up. In 1982, they became co-owners of the company with their father and it was renamed Don D. Rutherford and Sons, Inc. With the passing of Don Sr. in 1994, his sons carry on the tradition of quality insurance repair as equal partners in the business.

Don D. Rutherford II

Dan D. Rutherford

Since its inception, our company has grown in size and volume to an operation with over 30 highly skilled employees; a modern, well equipped carpentry and paint shop; a fleet of 15 cellular phone equipped vehicles and a home decorating center with its own showroom.